New Patients

Our New Patient Experience

As a new patient in our office, you will experience a New Patient Experience unlike any other previous dental exam you have had. Be prepared to allow 2 hours of your time with us for our team to complete a thorough examination and have an initial cleaning from our hygienist at your first appointment.

What to expect:

-Our New Patient Coordinator will greet you and get to know you better by going over past dental experiences and concerns. This same team member will follow you through the entire appointment from beginning to end to ensure a comfortable seamless appointment for you.


-All necessary diagnostic records such as digital x-rays and photos will be taken


-Meeting our wonderful doctor! Our doctor will take over by performing a series of 5 screenings:

  • Risk Assessment/Review Health History (We know that certain medications can reduce saliva flow that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease)
  • Head/Neck & Oral Cancer Screening (Statistics say one person every hour in the U.S. dies from oral cancer)
  • Occlusal Screening/check your bite (We want to make sure your joints, muscles, and teeth are working in harmony)
  • Restorative Screening (To check for active decay and broken down dentistry)
  • Periodontal Screening/gum tissue (We know that oral inflammation, infection and gum disease are linked to many medical conditions)
Periodontal Screening in Edmond
Non-Surgical Therapy in Edmond

-Our doctor will then discuss any treatment options that are available for you.


-Meeting our Hygienist! Our Hygienist will complete an initial teeth cleaning for you and discuss any concerns for additional cleanings.


– Your New Patient Coordinator will then have a treatment presentation with you going over any and all financial options that are available to you, and scheduling your next appointment with us.

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